Chapter Failures


I Failed to Admit Failure

By David Boroto, University of Toronto chapter

High school was not really a challenge for me academically. I mean, I put effort into my studies; I attempted all the assigned practice questions, sought help from my teachers when needed, and often spent my Friday evenings studying (before playing a few games of FIFA against my boarding school roommate)! I prided myself on having a strong work ethic. Academics came naturally to me, but when I didn’t understand something, I worked hard to make sure I did by the time exams rolled around. Even as a child, I remember always starting my homework on the car ride home because I just couldn’t wait to get it done! However, since coming to the University of Toronto, I have failed to adapt to the added challenge that comes with a post-secondary education and maintain that same work ethic that’s brought me success thus far in my life.

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RonanOI Failed to Admit Failure

The Challenges of Chapter Engagement

By Mahfuzur Muhith, President, McMaster University Chapter

I’ve been an active member of the EWB McMaster Chapter for the past four years.  When I first started, I joined our Global Engineering (GE) team. I got super involved right away and by my second year I was leading our GE initiatives and passionate about the work we were doing.  Everywhere I went when someone asked me about EWB’s work I told them all about GE.

It wasn’t until this year, prior to being elected as President, that I realized how this focus, while great for the GE team, had harmed my chapter overall.

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RonanOThe Challenges of Chapter Engagement

A Call for Help

By Matthew Zhang, University of Toronto chapter

“I need your help.” That was the sentence that scared me most. Having to say it, standing at the head of a table of twenty, holding a list of unmet targets in my hand – that was what failure seemed to mean to me.

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RonanOA Call for Help