2016 Failure Report


I Failed to Admit Failure

By David Boroto, University of Toronto chapter

High school was not really a challenge for me academically. I mean, I put effort into my studies; I attempted all the assigned practice questions, sought help from my teachers when needed, and often spent my Friday evenings studying (before playing a few games of FIFA against my boarding school roommate)! I prided myself on having a strong work ethic. Academics came naturally to me, but when I didn’t understand something, I worked hard to make sure I did by the time exams rolled around. Even as a child, I remember always starting my homework on the car ride home because I just couldn’t wait to get it done! However, since coming to the University of Toronto, I have failed to adapt to the added challenge that comes with a post-secondary education and maintain that same work ethic that’s brought me success thus far in my life.

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RonanOI Failed to Admit Failure

BDSA Zambia: Failing to Scale

By Indiana Baseden, Stephanie Arneson and Megan Firth
BDSA-Zambia Staff

Business Development Services Africa Zambia (BDSA) is an EWB venture that started in 2011. We are a business development consultancy that works with private sector actors in testing and developing innovative business models targeted at low-income customer segments.

However, BDSA’s ability to spread the concept of shared value (developing sustainable win-win business solutions so that commercial and competitive mandates can be met while improving the livelihoods of low income customer segments) across Zambia has been severely limited by its core model: consulting -particularly, our focus on long-term, embedded consulting.

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RonanOBDSA Zambia: Failing to Scale

Breaking Down the Divide

“I don’t know everything”

By Brett McMillan, Community Engagement Coordinator

This summer I was working as the Podio Support Contractor with Engineers Without Borders. I was tasked with taking Podio, the community’s monitoring and evaluation system, to the next level – both exploring new uses and updating existing functions. Podio is the website chapter members use to share their events with National Office and other chapters, for reporting purposes and sharing knowledge in the community.

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RonanOBreaking Down the Divide