National Office Failures


More Than a Number

By Brett McMillan, Hailey Froese, Annelies Tjebbes, and Akid Azfar

Investing in 30,000 Systems Change Leaders is an ambitious and bold statement on the vision EWB has for a growing and engaged community. It is a metric that can drive creativity and innovation, but as we discovered as a Community Team, it can also lead to paralysis. Over the past 6 months we have discovered that while this goal is ambitious, it is not the ultimate expression of what the Community Team is striving for. It is rather one of the milestones we must achieve in order to invest in an inspired, passionate and action-oriented community of leaders large enough to deliver on the systems change we are seeking for our world.

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RonanOMore Than a Number

Risking Institutional Failure By Forgetting To Test Our Campaign Assumptions


sam-burtonBy Sasha Caldera, Constituency Mobilization Coordinator, and Samantha Burton, former Director, Policy & Advocacy

EWB’s campaign around the 2015 federal election had one goal: to build strong relationships with influential candidates across all parties, by demonstrating that a critical mass of Canadians care about international development. Our campaign– #PoliticsAside– was a success in that regard.

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RonanORisking Institutional Failure By Forgetting To Test Our Campaign Assumptions

Swept up in the currents of Big Dreams

lauren-dodds-failure-2015By Lauren Dodds, Fellowship Program Manager

One of our organizational values at EWB is to Dream Big and Work Hard. This value of lofty ambitions and intense commitment is one I personally hold dearly, but one that I’ve seen to be a consistent cause for failure. We fail when we’re too late to introduce realism into our plans when we’re translating our dreams into workloads.

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RonanOSwept up in the currents of Big Dreams