Fellow Failures

Losing sight of the story

yaleBy Yale Wang, Junior Fellow, Engineers of Tomorrow

As one of EWB’s Junior Fellows (JFs) in Toronto, I set out to find how low-income youth in Canada relate to science, technology, engineering and math. I grew up in a low-income family myself and was curious and passionate about science, so I wanted to determine how existing outreach methods could most effectively get marginalized students interested in STEM fields. I was moved by what I found, but, in the end, I lost sight of my original goal and failed to produce findings that answered my initial question.

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RonanOLosing sight of the story

Cultivating the crucial questions

author photo (3)By Dawson Markle, Junior Fellow, Business Development Services Zambia

During the summer of 2015, I was a Junior Fellow with Business Development Services (BDS) Zambia, consulting with a local agricultural services company. After conducting three months of research, I presented my results to the CEO and executives of this company. In this salient moment of my life, I realized I had failed to align my research with the needs of the farmers it was intended to serve.

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RonanOCultivating the crucial questions